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About Us

New Dawn Residential stands as a beacon of hope for homeowners facing the daunting prospect of house repossession. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can place homeowners in challenging situations, and we are here to offer a lifeline when you need it the most.

Our Background

We are not just property experts; we are compassionate partners dedicated to helping you secure a new beginning. Your journey with us is not just a transaction; it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. We have been in property for over three decades, gaining all the expertise, knowledge and understanding of the housing market in the UK. We have experts on the team that are dedicated to finding the best outcome for our clients.

Why we started

Having been in the real estate market for over 30 years, we were exposed to several homeowners in repossession situations during the 2008 recession. During this time, many companies were taking advantage of these homeowners to secure properties at an unfair price. We vowed that during the next economic downturn in the UK we would help homeowners going through a repossession in a fair and ethical way. If we can help someone save their home and avoid repossession that’s what we will try and do. If the solution is to purchase their home to avoid repossession, then we will do so in a fair way.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to withstand economic turbulence and achieve financial resilience when traditional options have been exhausted.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best provider of solutions for people with mortgages struggling to make ends meet, helping homeowners get back on track. We want to promote fair living solutions for all while setting an example for ethical business practices in our industry. We strive to positively impact our customers, employees, and communities through innovation and social responsibility.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this company is to help individuals in severe mortgage debt achieve some financial resilience by providing ethical and innovative solutions. We aim to empower individuals to take control of their financial futures and positively impact our communities through social responsibility. We focus on improving the lives of individuals facing economic harm due to mortgage debt and creating a more stable and equitable society for all.

Contact us today

If you are at risk of house repossession or know someone who is, don’t face it alone. Reach out to New Dawn Residential, and let us be your ally in finding a solution. Together, we can turn the page to a new chapter and embrace the dawn of a brighter future. Call us today on 0208 059 5003 or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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