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Expert mortgage arrears help

If you’re stuck in mortgage arrears, we can help you. We just need a few details to help guide you to the best solution for you.


We are here to help with house repossession

Dealing with mortgage arrears is a hugely stressful time in your life. If you find yourself with financial struggles, and your property is at risk of a repossession, New Dawn Residential is here to help by buying your property, whilst also giving you some extra cash to help you with your fresh start.


If you’re falling behind on your mortgage payments, speak to one of our experts to get help before the house repossession process.

Have your mortgage rates increased drastically?

Are you struggling to meet your
mortgage payments?

Are you now in arrears?

Has the value of your house dropped?

Does selling your house not cover the cost of your mortgage?

Is your home a target of repossession?

Can I sell my house with mortgage arrears?

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We take on the mortgage arrears of your property

We will negotiate with the banks on your behalf and take over your existing debt on the property, as well as pay off any mortgage arrears.


We exchange contracts of sale for the property

We will prepare for the purchase your property


We give you cash to help you start over

Unlike in a bank repossession, we will provide you with money to help you make a fresh start


We assist you in finding a new property to start over

Whether you want to buy or rent another property we will do our best to help you find a suitable one

Why New Dawn Residential?


Our service is completely free to use

We charge no legal fees for our service or any suggestions we may provide. There are also no commissions you must pay.


We are the best solution to bank repossessions

In a bank repossession there are several negative consequences which are not present when using New Dawn Residential as your solution.


We have more than 30 years of experience

We use our extensive knowledge of the industry to help find the best solution for you.


We do everything we can to help you move on

We have a team of experienced professionals that are ready to help you leave your property to find a new home.

Free Mortgage arrears guide

Please input your relevant information to access and download the complimentary mortgage arrears guide.